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Iceland has some of the worlds most amazing and unique dive sites!


Silfra - Dive Sites in Iceland The Silfra Rift is one of the greatest dive sites on this planet. You are diving in the clearest water of the world (visibility 100m+) in a crack between the American and the Eurasian continents.
Silfra has been rated a world top 5 dive site by some of the most respected dive magazines worldwide.
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Strżtan - Dive Sites in Iceland Strżtan, the geothermal chimney is a worldwide absolutely unique dive site. It is the only such chimney in the world that can be dived by recreational divers, since all other are at much greater depth. It's an amazing experience to dive down into the blue and suddenly in the middle of nothing appears this pinnacle with hot water streaming from it...
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Gardur - Dive Sites in Iceland Garšur is our favorite ocean dive site in the Reykjavik area. It is at the peak of the Reyjanes peninsula and literally in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean, even though it is a shore dive. This is the reason why we have such an abundance of different kinds of marine life here.
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Gullkistuvķk - Dive Sites in Iceland Gullkistuvķk is another nice ocean dive site outside Reykjavik. It's a very good alternative to Garšur. If we have unfavorable wind directions for Garšur we have favorable ones for Gullkistuvķk and vice versa. This dive site has a very diverse and beautiful underwater landscape and a lot of marine life.
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Davišsgjį - Dive Sites in Iceland Davišsgjį or "David's ravine" is another nice dive site in the National Park Thingvellir. The visibility depends more on the weather than Silfra. If conditions are good we often do one dive in Silfra and one here. In Davišsgjį we sometimes see arctic charr or trout.
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Bjarnagjį - Dive Sites in Iceland Bjarnagja is an 18 m deep lava ravine on the Reykjanes peninsula. A dive in crystal clear water in a narrow crack caused by the drift of the two continental plates is a unique experience. The water is mostly fresh groundwater but it is influenced by the salinity of the sea as the site is only few hundred meters from the coast.
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Óttastašir - Dive Sites in Iceland Óttastašir is a nice naturalist dive site just outside Reykjavik where many different species can be observed. Parts of the site are influenced by fresh groundwater inflow increasing the biological diversity. At dusk many nocturnal animals become active making this an interesting site for night diving.
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El Grillo

El Grillo - Dive Sites in Iceland El Grillo is wreck diving at its best. A huge oil tanker that sank in the second world war in the fjord Seyšisfjöršur in the east of Iceland. El Grillo lies on 45 meters depth but most of the interesting parts of the wreck are above 40 meters.
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More dive sites - Dive Sites in Iceland Iceland is a huge island in the middle of the North Atlantic, so it's a given that it has plenty of fantastic dive sites. We have concentrated our selection to the main highlights and dive sites in the vicinity of Reykjavik. However, on our multiple day tours we visit other dive sites as well.
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