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DIVE.IS offers a variety of diving and snorkeling tours to Icelands dive sites.

Please check our Tour Calendar for special offers on certain tours.

Diving Silfra Day Tour

The Diving Silfra Day Tour This is the most popular dive tour in Iceland. We have daily departures all year around.
If you travel with non-divers this tour can be combined with the Snorkeling Silfra Tour.
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Price: ISK 29.990,- per person Booking Request

Silfra Snorkeling Tour

The Snorkeling Silfra Tour This is tour is for the whole family. Also people without a scuba diving certificate can experience to snorkel between the continents in the clearest water on this planet. We have daily departures all year around.
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Price: ISK 12.990,-per person Booking Request

Other Dive and Snorkel Day Tours

Other Dive Day Tours in Iceland We have a large variety of day tours to offer. Check out our dive tour to the geothermal underwater hot springs of Kleifavatn or our Ocean Diver Tour. Or make the most out of your days in Iceland and combine diving or snorkeling in Siflra with other activities on on of our combo tours.
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Longer Dive Tours & Dive Expeditions

Longer Dive Tours & Dive Expeditions We offer a variety of longer dive tours and expeditions. Our most frequent conducted tours are the 3-day Reykjavik Tour, the 3-day Strýtan & Silfra Tour, the 6-day Highlights of Iceland Tour and the 10-day Tour. Every year we also con- duct expeditions areas or phenomena we want to explore.
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Tour Calendar 2011 & 2012

Dive Tour Calendar Our Tour Calendar for 2011 & 2012 consists of scheduled longer tours and expeditions that single divers or small groups of divers can book into. These tours have a guaranteed departure.
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