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Dan the Brummie, 09.12.2010
We arrived at the dive site,the area looks as if it has been hit by a nuclear weapon,getting kitted out at -8/9 deg wasnt the most fun I have had,initially the water is cold but its amazing how quickly your body temp adapts and its not a problem.The dives?The clarity is amazing,as sunlight seeps its way through the water ampliflying the colours of water depth and minerals on the rocks my favourite scene was coming out into the cathedral,you look up 15mts or so,the water on the surface was still and gave a mirror image on the underside of what I was seeing above me-incredible,after you swim up this chamber you enter a shallower area that due to its colour/light composition makes it look like a scene from a sci-fi film,again-incredible.The whole dive is a feast visually,you will get the " wow" moment more than once! It was my first time in a dry suit I found it easier just to use the BCD myself,If you enjoy what diving has to offer,get this one on your C.V-expensive?yes...getting kitted out in the cold?yes...is it worth it?Absolutely..you will never do another dive quite like it. A big shout to Alfi and Andrzej,two good blokes who gave guidance and help. A top day out. Do it.
Erik, 20.11.2010
Great tour! Definitely a highlight of our trip to Iceland. Thanks to Alfi for being a great guide! When we come back we will definitely look into booking another trip with DIVE.IS!!!
Diving in Iceland
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Christopher Dziekan, 18.11.2010
Wants to send a big thank you to Kevin for hosting 2 days of awesome diving. The group visit to Silfra was amazingingly "cool". In multiple ways... the -15 wind chill and frozen gear to the amazing dive. Loved it. The Extreme diving was great and I'd do it again. Kevin and the team were well prepared to make it as easy as possible given the conditions. They knew the site and were excellent divers + recognized the different skill levels of the diverse group from DM's like me, to first time dry suit beginners. They catered very well to the group. Day 2 with Kevin and I was also terrific. Exploring the Kleifarvatn ... unsure of what we would find. Very enjoyable. Then off to Bjarnagja which was ideal for just us two divers. Very enjoyable dive as well and Kevin knew all the right things to point out. It was a pleasure diving with your group and really a big thanks go out to Kevin for an amazing job. I look forward to diving again in Iceland and I have mentioned my experience to my local dive community. Keep me posted on future dives.. expecialy if you do a multi-day \exploration dive\. As a DM its fun to try new things and just exploring a brand new site to see what we find can be just as exciting as a well planed Silfra site.
Diving in Iceland
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Janet and Mark, 09.11.2010
We want to thank you for an amazing dive at Silfra with Alf on the 3rd November. Alf was a hero, helping the three of us into and out of equipment that we were unfamiliar with, all in sub zero temperatures. He really did an amazing job in and out of the water to keep us safe and enjoy our time. He was a pleasure to spend the day with, for the geysirs and the Gulfoss waterfall as well. As for the dive, well I'm sure a lot of your guests are left speechless by Silfra and we were no exception. I don't think I will ever use the word "awesome" again, without thinking of swimming out over cliff edges looking out and down as far as the eye can see in indigo blue Silfra water. That was a dive we will remember for the rest of our lives. We didn't quite manage to get the amazing photo from a distance with us hanging in the ravine. I think the flash or setting on the camera may have been not quite right. However, my favourite picture is attached - one of Mark flying through the lagoon. Janet and Mark
Katja Valli, 26.07.2010
After a ten day dive tour around Iceland, I have to say I wanna come back, and soon. Strytan was magnificent, El Grillo remains largely unseen, and Silfra left me with the temptation to penetrate deeper in between the tectonic plates. Other dive sites on the tour were interesting, too, and Iceland is an amazing country with the horses, sheep, and scenery beyond my capacity to describe. David, our guide, was GREAT! He could put up with the Finnish dive team (one sleeping all the time, one eating all the time, one being always late, and one collecting sand all over Iceland), and never lost his sense of humour. Dave was an excellent dive guide, and lot of fun to travel with. See you again soon!
Diving in Iceland
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Vegard A. Ovesen, 25.06.2010
Hello ! We joined a Dive and Snorkelig tour at friday the 11 of june 2010. What an amazing tour !!! The wather was so clear !! And we got good instructions. One in the group ( Daniel ) Is an professional diver, and do this as a profecion, and he said: "This is some of the most beautiful dive tour I have ever done" ! I recommend to take this tour ! We wanna come back ! Best Regards: "Team Trout" (fishing team from Norway) Movies And photos on: http://islandsfiske.blogspot.com/ På fisketur til Island islandsfiske.blogspot.com
Uei Lei, 28.04.2010
Diving between the continents, apart from the significance of itself, holds even deeper meaning for me as it was a dream of a dear friend who passed away 3 years ago. I went to Iceland to fulfill that dream and the folks at Dive.Is made the experience both possible and all the more enjoyable! My sincere thanks to Tobias, Louis, and Hossi for the correspondences, the assistance with booking, and of course, Quentin for the guidance for the dive! With only 10 dives and no experience in a dry suit, I had my doubts and apprehension about diving in a dry suit in 2 C water. Quentin made the dive safe, fun and an experience above none! I have and will recommend you all to friends and strangers alike! Cheers and hope to dive with you again soon!
C Stewart, 25.04.2010
Diving the Silfra had always been on my list of top ten things to do before I die! As a Divemaster myself I have had plenty of warm weather diving abroad but have never dived in a dry-suit. I tok the dry suit course during my day trip to the Silfra which consisted of two dive. Tobias was our guide and he was excellent and his approach was very professional and fun. If you haven't dived dry suit before he will certainly make the learning easy for you. The dive itself is breath taking. Your lips will numb in seconds of getting into the crystal clear water. I spent a further 3 days in Iceland following my dive trip and missed the volcano eruption by just 2 days! Shame. If your thinking of diving the Silfra, DO IT! You wont regret it............. Thanks Tobias again for a great day.
Thomas Bach Andersen, 15.04.2010
We just came back from the best divetrip ever wisiting just a few of the many one-off-a-kind sites at Iceland. Tobias lead the 3-day Strýtan & Silfra tour and brought safe thru bad visibility at Strýtan and while snowstorm driving up north. This wont be the last divetour on Iceland!!! Allready missing Iceland.....best diving ever!
Email: tba@lpk.dk
Jaki, 31.03.2010
A group of friends went to Iceland mid March to see the Northern Lights, so the snorkelling at Silfra (for two of us )was an added extra. It turned out to be so much better than that. We were picked up on time, the equipment was of good quality and the Dive Master was efficient and kind (I was a novice at snorkelling in cold water). Silfra is magic. The photos on the web site are really what you see. It was great having a diver underneath as it does give depth to the distance you can see. You soon forget about the cold on your face, but hands do need warming up afterwards. No problems there as Quentin made hot chocolate for us all. If in doubt just go and do it. You will never forget the wonder.
Anne Webster, 22.03.2010
I have just returned from Iceland and one of the highlights of the trip was snorkelling in Silfra. It was amazing. Added to that the equipment and organisation were first class and the leadership was everything one could wish for. I am an experienced diver, and next time I MUST get in there and dive. A dive that must not be missed.
Diving in Iceland
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Paul Hutchings, 28.10.2009
I am an experienced diver of over 1000 plus dives, but believe it or not I have never dry suit dived, but when I saw the opportunity to dive the Silfra Crack with DIVE.IS then I had to take the chance with both hands.
I messaged them prior to flying out and the communication and assistance was absolutely fantastic. On arrival In country I was so excited about the dive and the following day, despite the rain and cold, the 2 dives I did that day and the whole experience absolutely out weighs the other 1000 plus dives I have done. It really was an awesome experience with the personal touch, and I cannot thank Tobias and his team enough for making this trip here to Iceland the best ever!
I am now hoping to get a team of fellow divers from Wales to come back and experience this truly amazing country in many aspects from the Diving, the people, culture and outstanding natural beauty!
Thanks for making this my most memorable diving ever!
Email: taffhutch1@hotmail.com
Andreas & Gabi Baldauf, 15.08.2009
Hallo Tobias! Wir bedanken uns für die tolle Tour, die wir mit Dir Ende Juni gemacht haben. Die Mischung aus Sightseeing und Tauchen ist perfekt. Unvergesslich bleiben die Tauchgänge in Silfra und bei den geothermalen Chimneys. So etwas findet man in dieser Einzigartigkeit nicht so schnell wieder! Wir kommen bestimmt wieder! Andreas & Gabi Baldauf
Tim Haeussler, 12.04.2009
Snorkeling in Silfra with Tobias, the owner of the Padi Dive Center, was really an amazing experience. It was the first time for me to snokel in waters less than 20°C warm (I am from Miami), so the drysuits came in very handy. Silfra itself is one of a kind...since the waters are crytal clear, you can actually watch the scuba divers 20 meters below you and everything around you. Its like flying over a canyon! Definitely the best tour I did during my 7-day-trip through Iceland.
Diving in Iceland
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Markus Diersbock, 17.12.2008
Hey Tobias, I had a great time diving Silfra and Gaui was a great host. We'll be back in the summer to do the ocean and Silfra combo dives with you! Ciao, Markus
Email: mdiersbock@gmail.com
Eline Feenstra, 21.09.2008
Dear Tobias, Although it has been over a month ago, I am still with my thoughts in Iceland. I look at the pictures and I still can not believe that I dived in between tectonic plates and on top of geothermal chimneys! Thank you so much for the experience you gave me, and of course my fellow scholars Jamie and Steve. Thanks to DIVE.IS we not only did the best dives in the world, have a wonderful time in Reykjavik and the Thingvellir park, we were able to explore Iceland by driving all the way North, past waterfalls and geysers, together with Louis! Who rocks. We explored Iceland. Thanks to Tobias, Louis, Elendur, Tommi and Siggi.
Diving in Iceland
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Steve Lindfield, 14.09.2008
Dear Tobias, Louis, Tommi, Erlendur and Siggi I had a most memorable week diving around Iceland. It was definitely a highlight of my year diving around the world as the Australasian Our World-Underwater Rolex Scholar. The diving was fantastic and the friends that we made here made our stay extra special. I hope to visit again and will be telling all my friends in Australia this is definitely a place to visit. For more information and photos about my time in Iceland please check out: http://owussaustralasia.org
Jamie, 14.09.2008
Diving in Iceland was always a dream of mine, and Tobias and everyone else from DIVE.IS made sure that my experiences in Iceland went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. Really top-notch diving and great people. I can't wait to come back! Thank you Tobias, Louis, Tommi, Erlendur and Siggi!
Email: jamiebrisbin@gmail.com
Diving in Iceland
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Keld Hansen, 17.07.2008
Thank you very much for a totally breathtaking Silfra divetrip last week (thursday July 10th - 2008). As many of your other customors mentions in your guestbook, diving Silfra       simply sets new standards. And your professional guidance added the rest to make it a perfect day. I will spread the roumour whenever I meet a diver!
Diving in Iceland
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Brian Hull & Richard Anderson, 18.04.2008
Silfra is unbelievable. There’s a lot that goes into making a good dive. By its very nature Silfra is a great dive, and DIVE.IS taking you there makes it outstanding. From Tobias’ prompt replies to my many questions to Louis’ great dive mastering , DIVE.IS earns the highest marks in our book. Even the local divers we met share our praises. This is probably the most memorable dive we have had in our SCUBA experience to date. The historical surroundings, the crystal clear water, and the great guidance all make this a must-do for any diver finding themselves in Iceland. It’s hard to describe how different it is to dive in such clear water. Even distant features take on a sharply delineated reality that would otherwise be softened by the opacity of ocean water. At times the silver reflection of the water surface reflects back the cathedral of light and rock around you as if you were looking into a mirror. It’s no wonder everyone writing in this guestbook articulates a sense of awe after diving Silfra. Using the word cathedral is no accident; it’s a religious experience. You simply have to dive it to know. Louis, we can’t thank you enough for helping to create the “perfect day”. Snow on the ground, a blissful dive, and coins carrying wishes at Peningagjá: that does make for the perfect day. Thanks for sharing in this memory with us. Now let’s see what happens to those wishes! Brian and Richard Troutdale, Oregon
Email: troutdale2@verizon.net
Martin Wilson, 16.04.2008
WOW what a dive. I'm Australian and I have to say kiting up in the snow was a first!!! The water was amizingly clear and the dive by far the best I have ever done and I think it will be hard to top unless I come back to iceland for more dives with you guys. Louis as a guide and a dive master you put me at ease ine the water for my first dry suit dive and it made my dave that much more enjoyable!!!! I will be back for sure.
Jeroen, 09.04.2008
Just received my Dry Suit Certificate today. I can't think of a better location to do that course than in Iceland. I enjoined every moment; the viz is better than anywhere, there are more wolffish than anywhere, and the tide turns faster than anywhere... Tobias / Louis, thanks for a perfect week of perfect diving in cold water! Jeroen
Diving in Iceland
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Scott Smith, 02.01.2008
Diving in Iceland on the shortest day of the year, middle of winter with a snow storm for good measure – absolutely brilliant!!! The best dive I have ever been on. My wife snorkelled above and with the crystal clear visibility it was as if we were side by side. Tobias was fantastic, very friendly and accommodating – whether diving or snorkelling, a trip to Iceland would not be complete without an underwater adventure with Dive.is. An underwater experience of a lifetime!
Diving in Iceland
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Mike, 17.10.2007
Wow, we had a blast diving on Saturday (October 13th)! Our instructor Palli was wonderful, thanks for having such an awesome staff, this was truely and unforgettable expirience!!!
Jens, 25.09.2007
Silfra ist genial, eine unwirkliche Welt, mystisch, verzaubernd, schwer zu beschreiben. Die Tauchgänge im Meer anspruchsvoll, man kann sich für die UW-Welt im Nordatlantik schon begeistern, aber man sollte seinen Trocki auch beherrschen, um alles entspannt genießen zu können. Tobias und seine Crew total kompetent und nett, es hat einfach Spaß gemacht. Fazit: ein in jeder Beziehung außergewöhnliches Taucherlebnis
Andrew Barnes, 02.09.2007
This was my first dry suit diving experience and it certainly won't be the last. Silfra is an amazing geological site and to be able to dive its crystal clear waters is something unlike any other. Tobias and Simbi are really great ambassadors for local diving as well as Iceland itself. A superb experience and certainly one of the 'coolest' things around Iceland! Cheers guys and happy diving.
Michael Habermehl, ZDF, 15.08.2007
Hallo Tobias und David, Für den tollen Tag in Silfra noch mal vielen Dank. Die Bilder, die wie dort bekommen haben, sind mit die Schönsten von der ganzen Drehreise. Ohne esoterisch werden zu wollen, muss ich zugeben, dieser Platz ist wirklich einzigartig und ich kann Euch nur die Daumen drücken, dass er auch so bleibt, wie er jetzt ist. Und mein Plan, privat wieder zu kommen, steht fest! Es ist ja doch ein Unterschied, ob man dienstlich da ist, denn dann muss man schauen, dass man seine Bilder in den Kasten bekommt. Man kann nicht wirklich den Moment geniessen. Aber genau aus diesem Grunde muss Euch nochmal besuchen und darauf freue ich mich jetzt schon. Auf dass wir uns alle bald wiedersehen! Seid herzlich gegrüsst aus dem schönen Mainz, Michael
Michael Thomas, 14.08.2007
On Saturday 5th August 2007 I dived one of the best clear water dive sites I have had the privilege to dive in, in 17 years of diving.
That site is Silfra.

My background is British sea diving and cave diving, being a member of the CDG.
I managed to combine a family holiday to Iceland with a days diving in Silfra and a day of Lava Tube caving.
The dive in Silfra was guided by Dave who did a Stirling job for the day as tourist guide and dive guide.
The water temp was around 3.c but with good thermals and my own dry gloves and suit I managed a 46 min dive followed by a 32 min dive in reasonable comfort.
Photographs do not do this site justice you need to see it for yourselves, with the correct equipment to combat the cold water you will have an enjoyable dive.
This is not a difficult dive just very scenic and pleasant.
It's not a cheap dive but worth the expense!
Diving in Iceland
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Surita & Anton de Goede, 20.07.2007
Diving in Iceland, who would have thought? Only after planning our trip, did we realise that you can actually take the plunge in the cold, glasier waters of Silfra, and travelling from warm, sunny Cape Town South Africa, we realised that this would be a dive not to be missed. AND WE WERE CORRECT!! Some dives are memorable, and if you are lucky you experience a dive that is unforgettable. Diving Silfra was unforgettable. From the moment Samuel picked us up until Tobias dropped us off, we were looked after. Samuel acting as tourguide on the way, and Tobias pampering us with something to eat inbetween the two dives. Hopelik kry ons ook weer eendag die geleentheid om na die ander kant van die aarde te reis en nog 'n onvergeetlike duik te ervaar. Intussen sal ons maar te vrede moet wees met die paar foto's wat Tobias van ons geneem net.
Diving in Iceland
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Jeppe Jeppesen, 02.07.2007
WOW!!! I landed in Reykjavik on the 5th of June, and had my first dive, first of many, with Dive.is on the 6th. It was a rainy day, but who cares when you dive Silfra. Its absolutely astonishing. Then on the 7th through till the 12th, we went on the 5 day tour. 5 hours of driving through spectacular landscape, before we arrived in Akureyri around 8 PM, a visit to the local Pizzaria, and then a dive at a 150 year old wreck in Akureyri harbor. Nice! The following day the dive site was Strytan, the geothermal chimney. That was really cool, to dive around a pinnacle in teh middle of the open sea, where you could actually see hot water coming out. The 2nd dive of the day was sopposed to be at Strytan again, but a local guide recommended "liten Hlid"(Little hill). We listen to the advise, which I now, am absolutely thrilled I did. The best dive of the 15 + I did with dive.is. We saw the most amazing marinelife, including the Wolffish, the Lumpsucker and 3 different kinds of nudibranch. I am a sucker for underwaterphotography, and this site is made for it! Back in Reykjavik I did 6 more dives at Silfra, 4 in the ocean at gardur, Óttastaðir and a dive at Daviðsgjá. All in all I had a smackhammering nice time with Dive.is and Tobias Klose my guide. I can give my best recommendations of this place and the people there!!! THANK YOU TOBIAS AND DIVE.IS Jeppe Jeppesen
Diving in Iceland
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Gerd, 30.06.2007
Da nicht jeder der englischen Sprache mächtig ist, schreibe ich hier mal ein paar Worte in "german language": Wir (die Vorhut der Tauchschule unterwasserwerk.de) haben Island im Juni 2007 besucht. Gleich zu Anfang stimmte die "Chemie" zwischen unserem Guide Tobias und unserer Truppe. Über Silfra wird ja hier massenhaft geschrieben, deshalb nur soviel: Muß man unbedingt gesehen haben, der erste Eindruck nach dem Eintauchen ist wirklich unbeschreiblich. Der Atemregler rutscht einem aus dem Mund vor Staunen!Oder liegt´s an den 2 Grad Wassertemperatur? Macht aber nix, ein guter Trocki und das Staunen läßt die Kälte vergessen. Aber das ist nicht alles, Island und Dive.is haben noch mehr zu bieten als Silfra. Wir haben wirklich tolle Tauchgänge mit Tobias unternommen und in 4 Tagen mehr erlebt als in manch anderem Tauchurlaub, auch außerhalb des Wassers Hier ein spezieller Dank an Hunter, der uns nach Akureyri begleitete. Da Island ja nicht mit Tauchbasen ubersät ist, tut´s auch schon mal die Feuerwehr zum Flaschenfüllen. Tja, gewußt wie! Weil die Zeit bei weitem nicht ausreichte, wollen wir auf jeden Fall nochmal wiederkommen um auch unseren Leuten von der idc-worldwide.org, dessen Mitglied Tobias spontan geworden ist, diese super Tauchplätze zu zeigen. Als Fazit läßt sich nur sagen: Fantastisches Wetter ! Fantastische Tauchgänge! Fantastische Tauchbasis! Fantastisches Island! Fantastischer Tobias (und Hunter)! Also Tobias, freu dich schon mal auf weitere Teilnemer vom Unterwasserwerk Bayreuth und der IDC.... Es gäbe noch soviel zu schreiben, aber das beim nächsten Mal.....
Diving in Iceland
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Christopher Dorman-O'Gowan, 03.06.2007
I dived with Tobias at Silfra on 29 May 07. What a wonderful and well organised day!! Tobias was an excellent host, guide and dive leader. I had two brilliant dives which were, without doubt, among the most exciting dives of my life. The visibility of Silfra is as far as the eye can see and the purity of the glacial water is such that one can drink it. Diving between the tectonic plates and being able to touch America on the one hand and Eurasia on the other is a strange and exhilirating experience and one which I would happily enjoy again. Tobias' care for his clients is exceptional; no item of kit went unchecked, no potential emergency was overlooked and his confidence produced the quiet calm that a diver should enjoy before he enters the water. Thank you very much indeed. Until I return.....
Diving in Iceland
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Bryan Tallevi, 03.06.2007
From start to finish our snorkeling expedition to Silfra with Tobias was the highlight of our trip to Iceland. We had planned to go snorkeling only one hour after arriving on an overnight flight from the United States. A bit jet lagged when we landed, we worried we would not be ready for what was to come.

Tobias picked us up right on time and whisked us away to the stunning Thingvellir National Park. Tobias went above and beyond, pointing out interesting sights along the way. Once we reached the dive site, poured our tired bodies into the dive suits, and entered the cold, crystal clear water, we were instantly rejuvenated. The staggering beauty of the rocky chasm, the impressive magnitude of the fissure, and the stillness of the water conspired to create one of the most incredible scenes in recent memory. We were told later that the weather was uncharacteristically clear during our stay in Iceland. It was certainly true during our visit to Silfra, where the sun danced on the surface and cast brilliant shades of blue below.

After the dive concluded, Tobias took the time to explain more of the surrounding landscape and Icelandic history en route to the Blue Lagoon. Even after the trip, Tobias graciously sent numerous photographs he took of us while snorkeling in Silfra. The photos will serve to jog our memory of this incredible trip for years to come. We went on many tours while in Iceland, but none compared to the thoughtful, individualized service provided by Tobias. In addition to the tour, we very much enjoyed spending the day with Tobias. We have already recommended the trip to friends, and can’t wait to return ourselves. Thank you for a memorable experience!

Bryan and Brad
Mo Collins, 09.05.2007
This was my first experience of Iceland and I was amazed at both the diving and the landscape!
Tobias and Samuel took our group to Silfra, in the Thingvellir National Park.
What a truly magical site. I had read the description of Silfra before, but nothing can compare with the experience of it. You have to see it to believe the clarity of the water, and the colours of the rocks, with the sun shining through on them. Wonderful! With the temperature at 4 degrees I thought I would be cold, but I wasn’t at all!

We also had a sea dive, at Gardur, with 3-4 m vis, in an almost balmy 7 degrees, and was rewarded with a few sightings of huge wolf fish, and a baby one! Free swimming flounders, and the biggest shoal of Pollack I’ve ever seen!

We took the Golden Circle tour, and visited Gulfoss, dramatic and beautiful, and the geysir regular and obliging! Both are “must sees” if you have the time.
We visited the Blue Lagoon before flying back to the UK. It was very relaxing, and a great way to end a fabulous weekend.

Tobias and Samuel looked after us very well, they are extremely knowledgeable and proud of Iceland. Rightly so.

I will be back!
Bill and Babs Gray, 26.04.2007
We visited Iceland in March 2007 and dived Silfra with Tobias. We regularly dive in the UK and have dived Malaysia and the Red Sea on several occassions and Silfra is right up there with the best dive sites we have dived.

The visibility has to be seen to be believed you must take time to look up on your dive as the sunlight comes through the water...wow!!! Even the experience of getting to the water was amazing walking through deep snow fully kitted up, there are times when you think that you are mad but it is worth it, trust me.

When we completed our second dive we surfaced to find we were in a blizzard unbelieveable experience!!! Once you have been in Iceland more than a day you realise that the weather changes very quickly one minute sunshine the next minute dark skies and snow!You explain it to people and all they talk about how cold it must have been, but the cold really was not a problem for some strange reason I was warmer after diving than I have been after dives in England.

Tobias was superb all day and really made the day special, he helped us with our kit and was generally professional all day, he is a credit to diving and PADI.

Thanks Tobias for a truly fantastic experience and we hope to see you soon, this time in the summer where we can hopefully take in some sea diving.

Many thanks

Bill and Babs
Lizzy Warrington, 26.02.2007
Cold? Yes, but fun. Diving Silfra is real achievement. My buddy David Etheridge, dive-leader Tobias and I, were the only people to visit Silfra one Friday in late November (2006). We arrived in the dark to kit-up. No other cars in the parking area. No other people around. No other divers at the site. Silfra was literally ours to discover and enjoy uninterrupted.

Minus 11 Celsius above water, and 2 degrees in the water, we were pleased to get in.
As we started our descent and experienced an initial moment of freezing ‘ice-cream head sensation’ (you know, the feeling you get when you eat ice cream too quickly).

Awareness of the cold rapidly faded, I guess in well under a minute (although I am not even aware of loosing consciousness of the cold) as the amazing scenery demanded full focus and attention. If it was still cold I just did not notice.

Architecturally and structurally strong, with striking colours, Silfra has amazing topography, geography, boulders, rocks, and caverns below water…. (I don’t know what the elements are all called but there are so many different things to see).
And visibility to die for. Optional overhead environments and swim throughs allow everyone to explore within their own comfort limits.

Because this is Iceland, a remote and beautiful but very extreme country, even the above ground activities such as pre-dive preparation, surface intervals, entries, exits, kitting-up and just generally getting around are unique, but throughout the day Tobias took exceptional care to make sure that the day was safe and above all enjoyable.

I think that PADI should start a couple of new speciality cert cards, just for people who have dived Silfra: I would like to submit my SCUBA extreme diver certificate and SCUBA Hiker certificate… Anyone who has dived Silfra will know what I mean!

Without a doubt Silfra is the most extreme dive location, and one of the most amazing sites any diver could ever hope to experience and an awesome dive to have logged.
Trine Adolfsen, 08.02.2007
Tuesday January 30th was my best diving experiece yet!
The crystal clear water at Silfra crack and lagoon made unforgettable dives. As was the surrondings. The rocky cracks and narrow swim-throughs made me think I was exploring another planet.

The surface reflecting every object above the next hill like a gigantic mirror above my head making the scenary visible before we got there, the swim under big boulders stuck in the cracks... narrow, dark passages and open cathedrals filled with light. From now on I'm convinced: I know how the birds feel on a sunny, crystal clear winter's day. I can fly too. At least when surrounded in Icelands invisible water.

I would like to thank the dive senter and especially Samuel who was my dive guide for the day for this opportunity to see this part of the saga island.

A most spectacular experience! Go dive!

Best regards,
Trine Adolfsen, Mo i Rana, Norway

Ryder Butler, 02.02.2007
Thanks to Tobias for a truly remarkable and memorable tour of Silfra and its caverns - quite surreal diving - be sure to check out the old salmon farm too - just make sure you take snow chains!
Email: ryderbutler@majol.co.uk
Diving in Iceland
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Karin B. Sinniger, 25.01.2007
I had a wonderful two days of diving and sight seeing around the Golden Circle with Tobias in mid December 2006.

I have dived in 50 countries and never seen such clear water. Diving through underwater canyons surrounded by snow topside was a great expereince--even if it took a bit of effort lugging the gear back and forth through snow (but Tobias helps if you can't manage)!

The local dive club decided to have a Christmas event on my first dive and they had folks dressed up as santas complete with beards and caps and red claosk underwater. Somehow they brought down a decorated tree and piped Christmas music and we all swam around the tree holding hands in time to the music. Someone was videoing us and we ended up on Icelandic TV. It's my most memorable dive.

Here's a picture of Tobias with a Santa cap.

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