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Get to know us...

Tobias Klose Tobias Klose, General Manager & PADI Staff Instructor
Tobias started breath-hold diving for small coins in German high diving pools when he was 7 years of age. It wasn't until in 1995 that he learned to equalize his ears on a PADI Open Water Diver course.
A few years later in 1998 he did his PADI Diving Instructor education on Roatan, Honduras.
He is German but has lived in Iceland since 2001 with his wife Thorunn which happens to work for DIVE.IS as well.
Tobias started managing the operating business of DIVE.IS in summer 2006.
With his long-time experience as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and PADI Staff Instructor Tobias sets the standards for all dive courses and dive tours conducted by DIVE.IS.

Thorunn Birna Klose Thorvaldsdottir Thorunn Birna Thorvaldsdottir, Marketing & Sales
Thorunn studied tourism and marketing at the University of Iceland and works currently on a research project on marine tourism. She takes care of marketing, bills, translations, product development, etc.
Before starting at DIVE.IS she worked at the inbound section at Terra Nova travel agency in Iceland.
Before moving back to Iceland in 2002, Thorunn lived and worked abroad for 8 years. She speaks German, English, Icelandic, Danish and Spanish.

Höskuldur Elefsen Höskuldur "Hossi" Elefsen, Office Manager
Hossi was born in Denmark but grew up in Siglufjörđur, a small (former) fishing village in the very north of Iceland. He studied business at the University of Iceland and graduated with a B.Sc. degree before DIVE.IS fished him out of the crowd.
Hossi is taking his PADI Divemaster along with his work in the office and enjoys it a lot when he gets out into the fresh Icelandic air & water to do some diving.
His favorite dive site is the Underwater Hotsprings in Kleifarvatn but his ambition is to find to ultimate dive spot in Iceland... apart from Silfra, Strytan and the rest.

David Alfi Ramsay David "Alfi" Ramsay, Chief Instructor
Alfi is an Ex Royal Navy diver and has taught diving professionally in Asia, USA and Africa. He loves the ocean and nature with a dream to become a rebreather videographer.
"The greatest part of my job is to inspire and bring out the best in people. DIVE.IS customers deserve the best, and thats exactly what I give".
Silfra is not only a place to take stunning photos and video, its also a place to embrace everything that encompasses diving.

Kevin Martin Kevin Martin, Instructor
Kevin began his diving career in the green waters of the Irish Sea around Dublin Bay. He then went on to train as a Commercial HSE Part IV Scuba Diver in 2005. He is also an archaeologist and has been working in Iceland over the past 10 years researching and excavating Viking Age and Medieval settlement sites.
He is currently preparing to begin a Phd research project investigating Shipwrecks in Iceland.
Kevin completed his PADI Instructor Certification in 2010 with DIVE.IS and is guiding dive & snorkel tours as well as teaching a whole range of PADI Diver/Speciality Courses. With his Irish sense of humour and passionate approach to life his dive tours and courses are not to be missed.

Aron Bjarnason Aron Bjarnason, Instructor
Aron has gone from zero to hero with DIVE.IS over the last 2 years.
He was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1991 and is finishing his High School degree in the winter 2010. He will start a program on Tourism with the University of Iceland in 2011.
Apart from diving, Aron‘s interest is traveling. He has explored all corners of the Icelandic highlands since he started walking.
Aron is the youngest member of DIVE.IS and our divers and snorkelers love him for his calm and helpful attitude.

Daviđ Sigurţórsson Daviđ Sigurţórsson, Instructor
David became a PADI Instructor in 1996 in Phuket, Thailand and has worked as an instructor and divemaster in various parts of the world ever since.
Having certified over 300 students from over 30 countries David is one of Iceland´s most experienced diving instructors.
He has been with DIVE.IS, The Blue Army and Ársćll Marine-rescue unit since 2000 and knows the SILFRA area and other sites like they were his own back-yard.
Currently living in Sweden David spends his summers diving in Iceland as he just can´t keep away. David loves to lead our multiple day tours all around Iceland and our clients love him to do that.

Louis Kotze Louis Kotze, Instructor
Louis is born in 1985 and has been living in Namibia and South Africa for most of his life.
He has been studying journalism and agriculture and started diving in the rough altantic seas of Cape town.
He finished his PADI dive master education with DIVE.IS in the beginning of 2008 and has been guiding many of our day tours as well as longer tours through Iceland since.
Louis took his PADI Diving Instructor course in October 2010.

Guđjón Benfield Guđjón Benfield, Divemaster
Gaui started diving in Akureyri in 2001 and has dived over 300 dives all around Iceland since.
He has been diving many of Icelands so far unknown dive spots on all ends of the country.
Gaui is an active member of the Icelandic Dive Club and finished his PADI divemaster in 2008.
He guides many of our Silfra and Ocean diver tours when he is not selling computers at IBM.

Sveinbjörn Simbi Hjálmarsson Sveinbjörn "Simbi" Hjálmarsson, Divemaster
Simbi was born and grew up in Reykjavik. He learned diving in 1995 and has been a very active member of the Icelandic Dive Club since. He has been the club's president in 2000 and 2006 and has been one of the leading divers that made sport diving popular in Iceland.
Simbi became a divemaster in 2001 and has worked as a dive guide and divemaster since. In 2007 Simbi moved to Ísafjörđur in the Icelandic Westfjords and works there in the largest Outdoor store.
Whenever DIVE.IS goes West, Simbi is the man with the masterplan.
Apart from diving his hobbies are theatre, singing and travel.

Hjörtur Blöndal Hjörtur Blöndal, Divemaster
Hjörtur started diving in 1986 in a wonderful wetsuit in the cold cracks of Thingvellir. After few years of diving he took a break but returned to the diving world in 2003. He finished his PADI Divemaster a few years ago and continues to become a PADI Instructor.
Hjörtur works as a software developer and guides day tours to Silfra, the ocean and Kleifarvatn when he gets a day off from the computer screen.
Hjörtur also works as a sky diving photographer and videographer.

Andrzej Andrzej "AJ" Wardziukiewicz, Divemaster
AJ‘s life has always been connected to water. He has been an active swimmer since he was 6 years old and in later years worked as a yacht helmsman on a number of Poland‘s beautiful lakes.
AJ started his carrer as a diver in 2009 with DIVE.IS and was determined to become an instructor after his Advanced Course. In 2011 he become a PADI Divemaster and he has singed up for an Instructor Course starting in April 2011.
When he is not diving he likes to read and lay out a masterplan to be the first man to swim around Iceland.
AJ intends to learn more about technical diving and wants to discover dive spots that no one has seen before. That ain‘t too far out in Iceland :-).

Bergur Sigurđsson Bergur Sigurđsson, Instructor
Bergur did his dive master education while working at DIVE.IS in the early 2000’s.
In 2004 he went to Pro Dive in Ft Lauderdale Florida to get his instructor certification.
Bergur has years of experience as a dive guide and has taught levels from open water to dive master.
Bergur now works for the NGO Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association, where he is kept busy trying to protect the pristine nature of Iceland from industrialization.

Samuel Ólafsson Samuel Ólafsson, Divemaster
Samuel did his PADI Open Water Diver course in the beginning of 2005 at DIVE.IS.
After he finished his PADI Divemaster programme in Turkey in summer 2006 he worked there as a divemaster.
Samuel has more than 300 dives under his belt and finished college recently.
When he doesn’t work at Hotel Keflavik he guides dive tours and assists dive courses.

Radek Ziegert Radek Ziegert, Divemaster
Radek started his diving career with DIVE.IS in 2002.
He did his divemaster training in the US in 2007. He is originally Polish but has lived in Iceland for 14 years.
He has been with DIVE.IS and the Blue Army since 2000 and assists training sessions as well as dive tours.
Radek finished his photography at the university of New York in 2008. Radek is an avid diver and has dived in many places around the globe.

T´mas Knútsson Tómas J. Knútsson, Masterminder
Tómas founded the Sports Diving School of Iceland in 1997 and has owned and managed it until 2006 as Iceland´s only PADI dive centre, setting the standard for recreational diving in Iceland. Tómas´ passion has always been the environment and the fight for a better, cleaner future – both on land and under water. What began as a simple PADI Project Aware initiative became his main activity today. The Blue Army. The Dive Center has been his "soul" and he accompanies DIVE.IS as a consultant, Instructor, Story teller,...

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