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Silfra crack, Thingvellir Lake, National Park Thingvellir, Iceland
The dive between the continents!

The SILFRA Rift is an absolute world class dive site due to two main reasons.
First of all you will be diving in a crack between the American and Eurasian continents.
It's the place where the continental plates meet and drift apart about 2cm per year. Secondly the visibility that you will experience will rarely be surpassed, if ever. 100m+! The reasons for this clarity are twofold: the water is cold ( 2°C - 4°C all year ) since it's the melting water from a glacier about 50km away and has traveled through the lava fields for many years before coming out at the north end of Thingvellir lake through underground wells.

Stairway to heaven
Silfra Cathedral © Peter Rowlands, PR Productions

The Silfra water is as pristine as water can get and you can drink it at anytime during the dives.
The National Park ThingvellirThe official website of Thingvellir National Park
has been declared a WORLD HERITAGE SITE by UNESCO, both for its cultural & historical significance as well as natural & geological uniqueness.

Silfra Platform
Silfra Platform © Peter Rowlands, PR Productions
Silfra consists of 3 sections, the Silfra Hall, the Silfra Cathedral and the Silfra Lagoon. We usually plan our dives and snorkel swims the way that we see all Silfra sections in every dive or snorkel on our Diving Silfra Day TourDetailed information on our Diving Silfra Day Tour. and our Silfra Snorkeling TourDetailed information on our Snorkeling Silfra Tour..
For divers or snorkelers that have only a limited amount of time in Iceland, we offer the Golden Circle Combination TourDetailed information about our Silfra Golden Circle Tour. where we dive or snorkel Silfra and then go and visit the famous geysersThe official website of the geothermal area with the geysers "Geysir" and "Strokkur".
and the beautiful waterfall GullfossA description and photos of Icelands most visited waterfall - Gullfoss.
to close the Golden Circle.

We start the first dive from a platform where some steps bring us into the water. Depending on skill and gusto, the dive with a maximum depth of 18 meters can be done in different variations. A mild current, caused by the underground wells, starts us drifting through the crack. Use this opportunity and look up and see the landscape outside through the surface. In other parts of the dive - see the underwater scenery mirror from the surface as if you were diving through a tunnel.

Silfra - suface mirror
Surface Mirror © Peter Rowlands, PR Productions
Did I hear Fish? No, not really in the crack, ... well, maybe little ones ... sometimes ..., however, there are plenty of fish in the lakeFurther information about the different species of fish in Thingvellir lake.
(brown trout, Arctic charr and the three-spine stickleback) and it is very popular for trout fishing.

As we approach the end of the crack before it feathers out into the lake, we take a left turn into the Silfra Lagoon.
When we enter the lagoon an absolutely stunning and surreal view opens up in front of us. It is approx. 120m in diameter and shallow (max. 5m) So clear we can see straight through to the other end.

Silfra Lagoon
Silfra Lagoon © Charles Hood

You can get a nice picture if a diver comes a bit closer into the center of the lagoon and the others wait in order to get a perspective of size and clarity.
In the second part of this dive we will look a bit around in the crack, where it is possible to do some fantastic swim-throughs under huge rocks that fell into the crack many years ago.

Silfra Hall
Silfra Hall © Jesper Kjųller, DYK

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